Terrain Park Team @Woodward

Ages: 9 years old and up

Program DaysTuesday and Thursday, 5-7 pm

Two Days/Week: Tuesday (5-7 pm), Thursday (5-7 pm)

One Day/Week: Tuesdays (5-7 pm)

Big mountain + Woodward, 2 days/week: Tuesday (5-7 pm), Thursday (5-7 pm)

*You will be required to purchase a Woodward pass with the Wasatch discount.

Please contact Jon O’Brien for more information. Programming prices increase $100 after November 15.


Program Overview:

Wasatch has an exciting new program for twin tip skiers who are interested in riding the park at Woodward. If you are interested in grinding your first rail or taking your cork 10 to competition this is the program for you. This program is focused on helping you achieve your highest performance in the terrain park.

Haven't spent much time in the park? That is ok, the great Wasatch coaching staff will be there to teach you. For more information please contact Luke O'Brien @ 603-832-6411 or lukeskier33@gmail.com.